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Copra Manch

CoPra Manch is a step towards continuing the work of experimental theatre through the difficult times of COVID-19.

CoPra Manch begins from the 15th August 2021. Every Monday and Tuesday you will get to see some shows on digital platform.
If you are interested in converting your work in a digital form then contact us on the given number;


CoPra Manch: Copra Stage and Music!!

Ganeshotsav special from 15th September 2021

Celebrity Jamming 1-Gautami Deshpande-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Rains while going – Pradeep Vaidya-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Samjutichya Kathashi-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Athvanitil Patra-15th Sept, 11 am

Savalya-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Alpaviram-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Priyanka-15th Sept, 11 am onwards

Sangeet Saubhadra Kirtan-17th Sept, 7 pm onwards

InshaAllah-17th Sept, 11 am Onwards

15 September 2021 from 11 am onwards 5 days onwards, watch on the digital platform of Copra Manch!!

You can watch the event upto 19th September, 2021, 11.00 am IST

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