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1)Bollywood Films and Filming Over Time.

Bollywood and its classics! Some Chai, Popcorn, your loved ones, and a cozy afternoon, that’s all you need when you watch a Bollywood Classic! The action, the acting, the actors, the beautiful songs, dresses, faces, music, dialogues, scenes, places, and so much more.

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2)Bollywood Films and Filming Over Time. 2.0

So, we’re back, as promised! For those who haven’t read the first article on BOLLYWOOD FILMS AND ITS FILMING, we are adding a link here, go read and then continue reading this one. Or don’t! You will understand this one if you don’t read the previous one! After a good decade of the 1960s, we are here in the next decade, with all the cabaret, polka dots, chiffon sarees, Kashmir, Kishore da, Rafi Sahab, etc., etc.

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