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Abhijit Pohankar’s Thumri Projekt presents a captivating blend of traditional Thumries in his distinctive style. With a touch of his keyboard/Piano, he skillfully intertwines ancient Thumries, both rare and popular, with an organic and contemporary sound. This innovative blend incorporates elements from Carnatic music, such as the Ghatam and Carnatic Guitar, complemented by the acoustic notes of north Indian instruments like the Tabla and Harmonium. The result is an enchanting and eclectic symphony, where various instruments harmoniously converge with the soulful Thumri vocals. The amalgamation of these diverse musical elements creates an earthy, ethereal and mesmerizing soundscape, taking the audience on a delightful musical journey.

Band Artist – 
> Abhijit Pohankar – Harmonium/Keyboards
> Ramakant Gaikwad – Thumri Vocal
> Amit Mishra – Tabla/Percussion
> Samarth Joshi – Carnatic Guitar
> Aniruddha Shirke – Ghatam/Percussion

Date- Fri,11 Aug 2023
Venue- The Box, Pune
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