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Aamhi Duniyeche Raje

आम्ही दुनियेचे राजे 

– एक संगीतिका
उलगडुया प्रवास मराठी चित्रपटसंगीताचा …

-शुभारंभाचा प्रयोग-
स्थळ- यशवंतराव चव्हाण नाट्यगृह, पुणे
वेळ- शुक्रवार, ३० ऑगस्ट १९’, रात्रौ ९.३० वा.

तिकीट विक्री सुरू..
फोन बुकिंग- ७४४७४०५८४४
ऑनलाइन बुकिंग- https://ticketees.com/dramadetails/Aamhi%20Duniyeche%20Raje

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  1. akash jedhe
    September 16, 2019

    I’m interested in bappagraphy copmition

    1. Kushal Khot
      September 16, 2019

      Competition Rules : http://bit.ly/Rulebook_BG2019

      Category : Amateur, Skilled & Bappa Story ( Bappa Story is a 3-photo story where a participant needs to depict a story through the photos)
      Global Entries : Participants from outside India can also participate by sending their entries and give a flavour of the Ganeshtosav celebrations from abroad.

      Last date for submitting the entries : 20th September 2019.
      Exhibition Dates : 27th, 28th, & 29th September 2019
      Venue : Raja Ravi Varma Art Gallery, Ghole Road, Pune.

      For Details Contact :
      +91 9930294660,
      +91 7447405844

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